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Dietrich: Natural Duty (15)

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Saturday 30 Mar 20198:00pm Book Now
Dietrich: Natural Duty

An intoxicating one-(wo)man show revealing the life of a legend.

Created and performed by Peter Groom, this mixture of theatre, cabaret and drag comes to Wallingford after a critically-acclaimed run at the Edinburgh Festival and seasons in London, Amsterdam, Liverpool etc.

Born in Berlin in 1901, Marie Magdalene "Marlene" Dietrich soon became a Hollywood legend. When World War II was declared, she renounced her German citizenship and joined the American Army to fight against her homeland in order to free her people from Hitler.

It is 1942.  On the battlefields of North Africa, in a gold sequin gown, Marlene takes to the stage to fight the war her way, with an irresistible mix of songs, sequins, sex and sympathy.

Dead Funny (18)

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Wednesday 10 Apr 20197:45pm Book Now (18s and over only.)
Thursday 11 Apr 20197:45pm Book Now
Friday 12 Apr 20197:45pm Book Now
Saturday 13 Apr 20197:45pm Book Now
Dead Funny

The Sinodun Players present Terry Johnson's adult comic play.

When the members of the Dead Funny Society learn that Benny Hill has died, they decide to honour him with a memorial get together. Set in 1990s London, an hilarious and poignant comedy about morality and marriage.  Expect some nudity, marital disharmony and custard pies.  

Warning: Adults only - scenes of a sexual nature and some strong language.

In Loyal Company

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Saturday 11 May 20198:00pm Book Now (No Interval)
In Loyal Company

A sell-out at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe. The incredible true story of missing World War II soldier and prisoner of war Arthur Robinson, written and performed by his great-nephew, David William Bryan.

May 1941. Hitler’s bombs rain on Liverpool.  Local packer, Arthur Robinson, joins up becoming a private in the 18th reconnaissance division.  Deployed to Singapore, his ship is destroyed by Japanese dive bombers on arrival. Arthur is declared missing. This extraordinary true story of survival is a tour-de-force war epic.

Eva Cassidy- The Story

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Saturday 18 May 20197:45pm Book Now
Eva Cassidy- The Story

Elsa Jean Mc Taggart presents the story of her favourite artist, the iconic Eva Cassidy, through song, story and video footage.

Accompanied by Mr Lister on piano and bass.

It is a deeply personal, poignant tribute to an inspirational voice and an incredibly talented musician who was discovered by the world tragically late.

Includes Elsa singing with Eva Cassidy.

She Stoops to Conquer

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Wednesday 29 May 20197:45pm Book Now
Thursday 30 May 20197:45pm Book Now
Friday 31 May 20197:45pm Book Now
Saturday 1 Jun 20197:45pm Book Now
She Stoops to Conquer

Sinodun Players present Oliver Goldsmith's classic comedy play.

A timelessly funny farce about mistaken identity and class.

Belly laughs from beginning to end.


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Saturday 22 Jun 20198:00pm Book Now (No interval)

Based on the satirical novel by Virginia Woolf and performed by Rebecca Vaughan. Dyad Productions present this life-affirming, comedic tale of an immortal poet, whose gender cannot be pinned down, whose irreverent, romantic adventures across British history from the 1500s to present day, provide a magic-realist exploration of human identity.

Written and directed by Elton Townend Jones.

The show runs without an interval.